Bye Bye Mr. Flesh

A short open letter to the flesh based on selected scriptures from Romans Chapter 8. Dear Mr. Flesh, How are you? Not well I presume. You’ve probably been feeling a bit lonely of late, so I wanted to write a letter to you to let you know where we stand. Do not think that I … Continue reading Bye Bye Mr. Flesh

The Madness of the King’s Children

After hearing it over the radio, I needed to see it for myself. The host of this Christian program said I could go online and check it out. He spoke of one Todd Bentley, an 'evangelist' (I use the term very loosely), down in Florida who said that the Holy Spirit had instructed him to thrust his … Continue reading The Madness of the King’s Children

Leaving The Word Behind

Allow me to set the stage. Several years back I was standing outside of a church after the service. The weather was cold, raw and damp. The preacher that day was compelling and dynamic. As people continued to file out, adjusting their coats and jackets to the inclement weather, out comes the preacher of the day, dressed … Continue reading Leaving The Word Behind