7E5C2A17-D1EF-4CCB-9F77-189155875A97a3b2c659-7375-440f-9724-fae2225496343713b53c-638c-4b45-b293-074c23ebd75f9dd80213-ab1a-4003-9ce8-9cd69519b2b5baef9e81-a538-44f7-8837-7f93c9a6d437063853D8-7DA4-49E2-BD11-EDE1315324FF79EF8B72-BC93-4A6C-AE77-B84CA8AA6A7E31B03FF5-B7C5-4E07-B5D2-1DFAE592AFF5ACTS16POSTERFLYERHELEN2WIW FOR CD LOGO


These classes are taught every fourth or fifth Sunday of each month at Greater Works Ministries in Brooklyn, New York


Pastor Jakes will be speaking at Greater Works Ministries at 3:00pm, on Sunday May 20, 2017, where Rev. Anthony Jones is the Pastor. Greater Works is located at 2802 Mermaid Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.
Grabbed Frame 136 (2)
Vacation Bible School is a time of fun and fellowship for all involved! During this week-long outreach, we teach specialized Bible lessons for children, youth and even adults. In addition to our lessons, another highlight is our annual offering contest between te boys and the girls! This will be our 12th year, and we can’t wait to get started!

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